Compliance For The Modern Laboratory

Labtasks is an intuitive cloud-based web application to create, maintain, complete, and report laboratory compliance documentation.

Automates Paperwork For a More Efficient Laboratory

Create Electronic Maintenance Logs

Labtasks allows laboratories to create smart laboratory maintenance logs. With an easy to use but powerful proprietary task wizard; creating even the most complex tasks is simplified with just a few clicks.

Monitor Task Progress

An efficient and easy to use interface allows for rapid completion of required duties for techs while allowing administrators to monitor progress and engage employees instantly.

Real-Time Alerts

Users and administrators receive real-time notifications of non-compliance events to prevent unnecessary delays and missed corrections.

Be Inspection Ready

Labtasks automatically reviews all tasks to ensure all maintenance documentation and supervisor reviews are complete to prevent surprises during inspections. Each instrument automatically produces monthly reports that can be reviewed by supervisors.

Reports At Your Fingertips.

Labtasks Electronic maintenance logs, with the use of automatic validations and real-time notifications, can allow for a 100% completion rate of all related documentation. It's never been easier to track the status of your lab compliance from a centralized resource.

Simple Integration

labtasks require no hospital IT support or configuration in most situations.
Works on all modern web browsers.
Secure Cloud based application.
Modern easy to use user interface.
Remote Connection 24/7/365 from any internet device.

Cost Saving

An efficient process to save you money

Reduce administration costs of non-compliance and allow staff more to time to perform essential duties reducing overtime.

Reduce printing, storage, and retrieval costs of current and archived documentation.

Environmently Friendly

Reduce your carbon foot print.

Reduce your laboratory carbon footprint by reducing paper usage.

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